JWSax maintains a worldwide reputation for integrity and expertise. What started as a hobby and side business for Jim in 1973 has developed into your professional source for select vintage saxophones and mouthpieces. Clients range from advancing students to world-renowned professionals, and all are offered personal attention and straight answers from a man who loves these horns and the music they make. “Having sold thousands of horns and mouthpieces to musicians of every stripe, I’m in it for the long haul. Thanks to all of you for the many referrals and repeat business. I couldn’t ask for more”

‘In terms of a business philosophy, it all comes down to my respect and appreciation for you, my fellow players, and my intention to treat you as well I could wish for myself. Each situation —be it professional player or student or collector — is a little different than the next, and I will help you figure out exactly the instrument you need. Sourcing instruments worldwide, I look for both value and quality so that I’m able to extend the same to you.  Ultimately, my approach to this business is to deal in instruments I know, enjoy and appreciate, and to match equipment to players as best I can. I’d rather you find the right horn elsewhere than the wrong horn from me.’                                            —Jim Warshauer, JWSax