Dolnet - Overhauled 1949 Brass Resos

Dolnet - Overhauled 1949 Brass Resos


vintage donet, estimated to be from 1949 from the 33xxx serial number  and of a similar vintage to the selmer super balanced tenors. 

I got this from my sax tech who has an odd fascination with off brand French saxophones. He brings them home like lost kittens, and then generally releases them back into the wild for the cost of an overhaul alone. 

This has a very warm patina on unlacquered brass. He recently overhauled it with brass resonators. The horn, pre overhaul, had the original pads (white leather, no resonators) and as such the finish is original. 

This horn is marked Universal, which was a name dolnet has stamped on horns through its entire existence. It does not have a front F, but has the art deco palm touches, neck receiver and interestingly a high F# as a 4th palm key. 

It plays with a warm full bodied tone that is very pleasing, and while not for all tastes an interesting saxophone that plays well. 
Comes in a generic case in good condition with no odors.

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